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Mike, Clayton, Will and I are four good friends who play RPGs and Magic: the Gathering. The name "Team Wingman" began as a joke when we started attending Friday Night Magic ("Wingman" is an inside joke among the four of us - don't ask).

After Capital City Games started their website, the guys were talking via email and Will said, "I want a Team Wingman website now." A flurry of emails back and forth commenced, and soon enough Will had created the images for the site, Mike had acquired the domain name and started working on the coding, and I was already working on my first article and offering feedback on the layout of the site.

Clayton was out of the office that day, so he missed all those emails. He didn't know Team Wingman had a website until the next day.

We started to share decklists, opinions, website links and other fun stuff. The site was going strong for a while, then grinded to a halt recently because each member of Team Wingman has, to a degree, stepped away from the game, which means none of us has much to say about Magic right now. still exists to give anyone interested a chance to read the old articles, and if we decide to play Magic more in the future, the site will be here in case we want to write anything new.

Thanks for reading,
- Bud, the So Fine
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